Frequently Asked Questions About Loss Adjusters


Your insurers may require that the processing of your claim is overseen by an independent third party. Insurers appointment of adjusters varies from one insurers to another, but where there may be areas of discussion, this will ensure your claim is treated quickly, effectively, and fairly.

The adjusters will make every effort to deal with your claim, fairly, promptly and courteously. If you may be concerned about the involvement of a loss adjuster, we can put your mind at rest by answering some frequently asked questions.

What Is a Loss Adjuster?

Insurers appoint loss adjusters in order to assess your claim from an impartial viewpoint, addressing the concerns of both the policyholder and the insurer, with the aim of achieving a fair outcome to the benefit of both parties, within the terms of the policy.

Why have my insurers appointed a Loss Adjuster - what's wrong?

Insurance companies usually appoint loss adjusters on any claim over a set value, often as little as £500. Believe it or not, your insurance company does want to pay your claim. In most cases, they do not have staff who carry out external visits so they appoint an outside party and want the Adjuster to be as independent as possible.

How Can a Loss Adjuster Be Impartial If They Are Paid by the Insurance Company?

The adjusters work to the Codes of Conduct published by the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, the General Insurance Standards Council and Association of British Insurers. These require the adjuster to act amongst other things, with total fairness and honesty. They are working as an independent arbitrator neither seeking to reduce a claim for insurers nor increase it for the Claimant.

Do Loss Adjusters Get Paid for Reducing My Claim?

No, the level of charges are based on the amount of work the adjuster does and the expenses on visits the adjuster has to outlay not the amount saved.

Why Has My Insurance Company Sent Someone from a Different Company Rather Than One of Their Own People?

Several reasons but mainly that if the loss adjuster will be from a separate company, your claim can be assessed from an independent viewpoint. Loss adjusters can also offer practical advice and help during what sometimes can be an extremely harrowing experience.

What Can I Do Before the Loss Adjuster Visits or has had the chance to view photographs of the damage and review the incident in order to give permission to start disassembling the vehicle?

Please carry out any emergency measures to prevent any further loss or damage. Take photographs before any work is carried out. Have available for the loss adjuster as much documentation as you can including, estimates for all necessary repairs and replacement.

What Action Can I Take If I Am Not Happy?

We hope this will not be the case. If you are dissatisfied, we would encourage you to write to us using the complaints procedure in the Policy, setting out your problem. We promise to listen to what you say and to investigate, quickly and fairly. We will then contact you with the aim of resolving any outstanding issues. If we cannot agree on a way forward, your policy document will, normally, outline the procedure which must be followed.